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BrideToBe Magazine - featuring Distinctive Photography

Distinctive Photography

For over 11 years, Distinctive Photography have been photographing weddings in Melbourne.

I guess some might say that we're experts....but we'll let our photos tell you more about that.

What we can say though, is in that time we've got pretty good at making wedding photography an easy & enjoyable experience for everyone, without getting in your way and without it taking over your day.

We also know how to capture beautiful wedding photos in all conditions and no matter what the day throws at us.

Our Artisan Values

Being the artists & craftspersons we are, we have a natural tendency that leans toward creating high-quality, premium products. As realists though, we realise that every wedding couple has different budgets and needs.

Right from when we started however, we said that no matter what, we wanted to remain accessible to everyone, no matter what size their wedding, yet still be able to satisfy the most discerning tastes.

Our flexible wedding packages still reflect these values today so, whether you're planning a gala wedding or a more intimate affair, you're sure to find we have something that's just right for you (even if we have to design it for you from scratch).

Distinctive Photography

What We Do Differently

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Large Prints

We give you big, beautiful, actual photos (not just tiny proofs) with every wedding package. When we say big, they're luxurious 5x7.5" enlargements printed on real, silver-halide, professional, archival photo paper.

Portrait Photographer

High-Res Digital Files

Want to print or share your photos straight away? Easy. We give you both high-res and web-friendly digital files of all your images - including the edits. High-res files for printing, screen-res files for viewing & sharing.

Portrait Photographer

Licence to copy

We give you full licence to copy and distribute your photos.  You don't need to come back through us for permission to enlarge or reprint your wedding photos.

Portrait Photographer

Individual Retouching

We don't apply generic computer-generated 'effects' to your photos.  We retouch them individually & lovingly by hand. Sure, it takes a little more time...the time between a 'photo' and an 'image'.

Distinctive Photography

Contact Distinctive Photography

Distinctive Photography • Melbourne
P.O. Box 1066 Elwood • VIC 3184

 03 9034-0948

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